Hommage à la Trinité

Hommage à la Trinité, A2 poster, digital printing, Chernyi Cooperative

Hommage à la Trinité, work in progress, sketch

Hommage à la Trinité, A2 poster, digital printing, Chernyi Cooperative 
They say an icon is a window out of the obvious mundane realities of everyday life into the realm of eternity. And didn’t you ever hover between two worlds after a shot of perfect espresso, let along a glass of artisanal wine..?

To celebrate its 3rd year of existence, one the best coffeeshops in Moscow  Chernyi Cooperative decided to deliver the important numbers through a series of posters made by different artists.

Quite normally the coffeeshop became something much more valuable, a space for like-minded people and the most perfect espresso shot ever existed. They were also offering wines from the best and most independent wineries all over the world. 23,5 thousands glasses were consumed at that point by the regular visitors and friends.  

On Trinity by Andrei Rublev the three figures of angels are arranged so that the lines of their bodies form a full circle. This compositional solution became the main visual reference together with the intimacy of the event. 

Hommage à Matisse, A6 postcard/menu, Esh-print studio, riso, 100 copies, Chernyi Cooperative 

Hommage à Matisse, work in progress, spray paint, stencils

Sky above Moscow, about the same period of time
The second time we’ve worked together was linked with the wines, again. The homage could potentially grow into a series, which is always great.  

This time it had to be a postcard/menu to give away to the customers who buy a set of wines. And after you consumed and enjoyed those six glasses of best wines preselected by Samvel Simonyants, you could only... well, dance in happiness and joy.

They say Matisse’s Dance is an ode to life, joy, physical abandonment, and has become an emblem of modern art these days. Created more than a hundred years ago it looks very contemporary.

One art critic who watched Matisse working on the canvas, reported that “the pigments were pure from the tubes”. Our pigments this time were Riso black, red and acid pink. Matisse would approve it.  

Collaborative lunch, Alexey Morozov & Mokh cafe, A3 poster, digital printing, Chernyi Cooperative

The third collaboration with Cernyi Cooperative  was meant to support and promote the chef Alexey Morozov’s experiments in the field of local seasonal cuisine.

They named it Collaborative Lunch and the idea of collaboration stayed. There’s a very famous Russian poem Crayfish, Pike and Swan by Ivan Krylov. Initially it was about something quite opposite of collaborative process:

“When partners can’t agree
Their dealings come to naught
And trouble is their labor’s only fruit”.

The cart they were all pulling, went nowhere because the swan wanted to fly in the air, the pike was eager to swim underwater and the crawfish loved to crawl backward. Yet Alexey Morozov’s lunch was so full of taste, it could reconcile the worst enemies. 

Collaborative lunch, Alexey Morozov & Mokh cafe, A6 postcard & menu, digital printing, Chernyi Cooperative