Cookushka’s Nest

Pumpking salad recipe, A6 postcard, cook book set of 12 cards, Cookushka 

The day your former editorial art director decides to move to cooking is the lucky one. Alexandra Bobkoba’s cooking project Cookushka is the most artistic one out of many. Her sence of taste is immaculate. 
To celebrate its birthday the cooking project Cookushka’s owner Alexandra decided to invite a group of illustrators to make a set of postcards, which would work as a cook book. The recipies were seasonal, each month was celebraiting a certain vegetable, fruit or sometimes grain. 

Pumpking salad recipe, back side, A6 postcard, set of 12 cards, Cookushka

It wasn’t the first time we were collaborating. One time it was a zine about sourdough, the other time it was an illustrated zine with a range of recipes, there was also a set of Christmas cards with exclusively Christmas eve’s meals.

Coocushka’s projects are a constant joy.  Come and eat it in the company of good friends, eat and draw, what else could you wish for? So the brief days were the best ones. 

The projects were based on collaboration from the start. Pavel Grishin was designing the logo and the cover, Alexandra Bobkova was in charge of the layout and the rest of us were drawing. 

Pumpking salad recipe, dust jacket, A6 postcard, set of 12 cards, Cookushka

Sourdough illustrations, A4 zine with recipes, KD Press, Cookushka Bread

Sourdough illustrations, Cookushka Bread
The sourdough zine was published exactly the right moment. Khleboculture Festival was announced to take place the first time ever in Moscow and all the bread bakers were invited to share the knowlege. 

The idea behind this zine was to make it as raw and sketchy as possible. To reveal behind the stage work in progress of the bread ferment and the artists, both at the same time. There’s also a step by step guide how to make rye bread at home. The zine is illustrated by Irina Troitskaya, Katya Dorokhina, Nina Stadnik, Andrey Petranin, Arina Shabanova and Pavel Grishin.  

Sourdough zine with recipes, A4, KD Press, Cookushka Bread